Our biggest collaboration to date is with activist, musician and painter Leah Wood.

Across the collection, Leah's paintings are primarily concerned with raising awareness about the environment in the face of climate change. Her current series of paintings, some of which will be exhibited at West Contemporary's pop-up The Devil's Fuge in Covent Garden, focus on endangered species such as the polar bear, zebra, tiger, butterfly and rhino among many others.

What emerges in Leah's paintings is a process of construction, deconstruction and finally reconstruction, visible through the textural layers, and resulting in something quite sculptural on a 2D surface. 

'My passion is my inspiration'

Leah said 'When I find something that inspires me, that's it!!!

I take it and run with it! My last burst of inspiration came from Georgia O’keeffe her flowers were really something else! Which is why I’ve managed to be able to Partner with Manava to come up with this brilliant collection for both adults and kids (ft Junior Rags)!

The collection has been such an exciting way to see my artwork awaken! The colours really come to life on the fabrics, and wearing them has been something I have really come to LOVE!!! 

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I do, and that they will become part of you in a beautiful way..... '

Leah Woods backstory:

My story is long. 

In a nutshell, I was born in Los Angeles, California in the late '70s. I grew up there until I moved to NYC at age 5. I attended many schools until my family finally settled in the beautiful United Kingdom. 

I attended boarding school until age 19, then left to start a gap year (for life)!

I toured with my father Ronnie Wood, and mother Jo Wood for a few years. Being with the Rolling Stones, I saw and experienced more of the world through my own eyes.

My dad, Ronnie gave me my first singing break with the band on stage, where I sang backing vocals for most of the tour. It was a wonderful opportunity and foundational for helping me build confidence - I was pretty shy growing up. So when I came off the tour, I decided that was it. I would make it work. So I formed a band

We rehearsed together, and embarked on our own mini-tour! Again, it was tremendous fun and a good learning curve. Throughout this time, I drew and never forgot how much I loved sketching and painting. And I met the love of my life!

Years later (fast forward to me turning 30), we were just about to get hitched when I enrolled at Chelsea School of Art. I did a foundation year and loved it. Soon after my course ended, I got married and fell pregnant with my first child.

We moved to Australia and lived there for what was supposed to be six months but ended up being three years. I brought up my girl there and lived a sunny Australian lifestyle for a while before I got really homesick and had to move out.

Back in good old Blighty, I couldn't be happier; family, friends, places I knew, the smell of London, everything about it was so familiar, and I realised just how much I missed this place. Five years later, I fell pregnant again with a boy this time! So the journey continues.

Trying to juggle being a mum of two while my husband worked all day, every day. Every second I could, I was drawing with my kids and painting, never really thinking that this was where I wanted to be until I really had to.

Finally, one day my husband said to me, "Leah, you must do this! You are good at it, and we need the money!" So, I decided to try my best and do it! 

The present:

14 years later, here I am. I've curated shows, been in shows, and now my next main aim is to do an exhibition of my very own, so i'm working towards this.

Alongside my art, I have worked towards becoming an ambassador for Sea Shepherd involvement and Cool Earth. They are both so close to my heart, one being the oceans with everything in it! And 2) being the rainforest and everything in this too!! 

Being an Ambassador:

I became involved in Sea Shepherd because they came to one of my exhibitions during the year of the Jubilee. We got talking, and I loved what they were doing for the seas and marine life. So after researching them, I emailed Helen Taylor, who drives the ship, and they asked me to be an ambassador. I immediately said YES, of course I will.

My ambassadorship for Cool Earth supports their incredible effort to protect the rainforest and all the indigenous tribes that live within it. So it was a no-brainer for me. I had two well-respected charities to do good for! It was a no-brainer. 

Together with Manava:

As a team, we are so proud to announce the collaboration between Manava and Leah Wood and welcome you to the Manava family. A limited edition range of Leah's prints can be found on our site, in collaboration with our first-ever kids range in partnership with Junior Rags.

We are so grateful to work with incredible artists such as Leah, who bring nature's vibrancy to life through timeless and eco-conscious pieces. This range features T-shirts, hoodies and joggers and is available for pre-order now.

We are so proud of this season's collection and hope you love it as much as we do.



July 24, 2023 — Jade Whittaker