‘Considered clothing’ is a hot phrase on the industry’s lips, but what exactly does it mean? We dig a little deeper into the topic and how we as buyers can be more mindful when making purchases.

What is considered clothing?

To us, considered clothing can mean two things.

It’s a category of fashion where companies and brands make eco-conscious choices when producing their garments.

Considered clothing is about changing the power.

Buying considered clothing places the power in the hands of the consumer. It means that you can genuinely think about the impact of your purchases and what effect will it have on people and the planet?


So how do you become considerate with your clothing

Considered clothing isn’t limited to those with lots of money. Here are some of the practices we do when buying new.

Research the brand

Before making a purchase, we consider what it means for the Earth. Is the brand eco-conscious/ planet friendly or sustainable, or do they use harmful methods to our environment?

For example, do they only release a handful of clothing collections each year made of recycled materials? Or do they endlessly churn out new, cheap items made with materials like polyester that take hundreds of years to biodegrade?

It’s good to research before spending your money, so you can be sure it’s a wise decision. See our blog on sustainable fashion brands to discover what ethical characteristics to look out for.

Overthink your choices

We take our time before making new purchases. Is it something we truly want to buy, or is it an impulse decision? As we explain in our piece about minimalist wardrobes, a good way to be kind to the planet when it comes to clothes is only to buy the items you need and will use.

That pink and orange blazer may be gorgeous, but if you’re unsure whether you’ll wear it or if it will go with the clothes you already own, maybe it’s best to leave it in the shop.

You can always change your mind. Alternatively, see if you can find something similar second-hand.

Go for versatile basics

We try to match any new basic clothing with items we already have in our wardrobes. By loosely following a colour scheme and choosing items that work interchangeably, we find it’s easier to make good use of what we already own.

 Do you often wear a particular style of t-shirt? It could be a smart investment to buy a multipack of the same fit. You know you’ll wear them, especially as you own other clothes that suit the t-shirt well.

Basic clothing includes trousers, tops, tanks or vests, sweatshirts, joggers, knits and jeans.

Value quality over quantity

Finally, we choose items that are well made and should last a long time.

For instance, you might want to buy a new pair of trainers that cost £150. You know the brand uses high-quality materials, and by taking care of the shoes, they could last ten years or more.

If you’re financially able to, this is a better option than buying cheap, poorly made sneakers that soon fall apart and need replacing.

How Manava is considered fashion

Due to the nature of our work and the industry we’re in, we’re still categorised as ‘fashion’. However, we’re doing what we can to ensure we steer well clear of the harmful practices of the fast fashion industry.

We like to be vocal about our ethical activities to help customers feel confident about their purchases. We also hope to encourage others to follow suit.

What we're dedicated to at Manava:

  • Producing a small number of collections each year
  • Choosing high-quality and environmentally friendly materials
  • Working with manufacturers who share our core beliefs
  • Donating to charities that are focused on the environment
  • Employing a diverse range of people
  • Only working with ethically approved factories

We design our clothes to be versatile basics that are affordable, sustainable and timeless pieces for your wardrobe. Check out our latest Conscious Core collection of considered and sustainable clothing.

Co-written by Stephanie Butler

July 01, 2022 — AC Bee