MANAVA ( Ma nae va)- a translated word meaning a breath of fresh air.

The choices made now are critical, not only for our own personal future but also investing in our planets future.

Manava Philosophy


We strive to create a movement that empowers us all to have eco-conscious choices without ever compromising on style or quality.


We design clothing that makes us feel good in our own skin. It moves with us and breathes with us.

Our products are versatile, adapting to meet our ever-changing life and plans. We’re not about fast fashion, we’re about thoughtful, smart, timeless pieces that are designed to stand the test of time.


When we think about the Manava brand, is there anything more important than breathing oxygen?

The quality of the air we breathe is influenced by our impact on the planet.


We want a world where sustainable fashion is a given not an option.

We want to pave the way for a new world of fashion, where doing the right thing comes before the bottom line.

We want to build a business where people, the planet and profits not only exist but thrive together.

We hope to help our customers find an accessible alternative to fast fashion through choice.


All our fabrics are sourced from industry approved, fully compliant manufacturers, all holding up to date audits to handle and manufacture our selected eco-conscious fabrics.

Recycled Polyamide - A fabric made from waste, it can be made from recycled fishnets and synthetic fibres from the manufacturing industry. We have selected this fabric to be used within the range due to its durability, stretch, full recovery and ability to repel moisture from the body. Using recycled Polyamide allows our garments to be at least 80% recycled.